Fleur brand Strains like Sun God, Grape Monster, Life Fyre, are all strains that after you use, you may likely have a dry hissing cough that is very irritatating to respiratory and throat. You may notice those strains being offered under special promotions, such as 1/2 off or a bulk amount, because it is their way (THE DISPENSARY’S WAY) of pushing the product based on it being available for a CHEAP PRICE rather than a QUALITY PERSPECTIVE. It is definitely a problem to consume, as we have experienced a HISSING COUGH / WHEEZING COUGH, twice in a row. Becareful!!! The packaging is a red box packaging with glass jar. – REMEMBER, you may experience a hissing cough the next day and it will be uncomfortable on the breathing when exerting yourself, and in order for it to subside, you will have to avoid smoking/consumming/vaporizing the FLEUR brand flower.

Grape Monkey, Sun God, Life Fyer <- these 3 strains can and may cause this HISSING COUGH after math.