If you’re experiencing a situation where you may have over-indulged in a few cannabis consumption sessions and over time, you feel like you’re not able to notice the difference, then it might be a good idea to go and sweat it out by drinking plenty of water, and potentially doing some cardiovascular or exercise workout that will induce your body to sweat that water, and along with that, you can enjoy a nice steam room/sauna type of an experience to further rid some of those toxins. Doing this can potentially allow you to experiencing the difference again. Ofcourse, it is not guaranteed, but it may not hurt to give it a try. Ultimately, it is your choice to decide what you want what’s best for you based on what you see, hear, experience, perceive, and understand.

Although VAPES exist, there are some downsides to them and this is for the awareness for anyone that likes VAPES, in general. Downsides are:

  • #1 Downside is that it is SO CONVENIENT
  • Literally with a click of a button, you can start getting faded
  • If you don’t limit yourself and have control, you can end up hitting it too often like a habit
  • There’s a High THC percentage in it
  • It shouldn’t be used at home or shouldn’t be used frequently
  • #2 Downside is that most pends, cartridge, carts, contain low quality versions of products
  • Quality of flower may be low quality and not the best flower being used.